*Portfolio > A New Decade: 2020's

Seal Rock, Oregon #3
Digital photo, window envelope, sandpaper mat board, graphite
14 x 11 x 1"
Nice View, Weird Window (not per plan)
Digitals photos, window envelope, wood, charcoal, marker, paper
11 x 14"
Seal Rock, OR #1: Sliding Glass Doors
Aerosol, window envelopes, digital photo, paper, fabric, cable ties
14 x 11 x 2"
2020: Everything Turned Upside Down and Inside Out
Aerosol, acrylic, window envelope, scanned fragment of a Cassatt drawing, display board numbers, marker.
14 x 11"
Badly Made Door / Lovely View
Aerosol, pastel, window envelope, marker, scanned Monet "Impression: Sunrise," safety reflector, bead.
18 x 12 x 1/4"
Double Door with Crosshatching Instead of Lace Curtains
Aerosol, window envelopes, papers, graphite
14 x 11"
Floating Door with Crosshatching Instead of Lace Curtains
Aerosol, acrylic, window envelopes, paper, cardboard, graphite
20 x 16 x 1/8"
Someone Tried to Break in the Back Door
aerosol, window envelope, envelope fragment, scanned and manipulated Cassatt drawing, graphite, wood
14 x 11 x 1/2"
COVID-19: Shelter in Place / The Week After Spring Break
Acrylic, scanned and printed images, paper, graphite, marker, mending plates, bolts, nuts, washers
18 x 24"
COVID-19: Spring Break 2020 / The Week after Spring Break
Acrylic, window envelopes, manipulated and printed digital photos, scanned images, graphite
36 x 24"
COVID-19: Trouble at the Door
Acrylic, aerosol, window envelope, paper, graphite on canvas mounted on hardboard
15 x 11"
COVID-19: Trying to Contain It
Acrylic, aerosol, window envelope, graphite, acrylic photo frame, nuts, bolts, washers, butterfly bolt, Betsy’s burnt pineapple slice, animal skull
24 x 12 x 1 7/8"
COVID-19: Looks Hopeless
Acrylic, aerosol, window envelope, paper, graphite
14 x 11"
COVID-19: Shelter in Place
Acrylic, aerosol, marker, scanned and printed image, mending plates, wood, bolts, nuts, bolt caps
14 x 11"
COVID-19: Lockdown
Acrylic, aerosol, marker, window envelope, scanned and printed image, flat corner braces, bolts, nuts, washers
14 x 11"
The Fourth Plinth
Aerosol, window envelope, scanned images of window envelope, envelope parts, graphite, cardboard, color pencil
16 x 20"
COVID-19: Still Some Hope
Aerosol, window envelope, scanned and manipulated images of window envelope, graphite, paper, duct tape
12 x 16"
COVID-19: Some Hope in Isolation
Acrylic, aerosol, window envelope, envelope fragments, graphite, duct tape, paper
18 x 24"
COVID-19: Hope in Isolation
Acrylic, window envelop, duct tape, graphite, envelope fragments
16 x 20"
Looking High and Low for That Jet
Aerosol, window envelopes, picture frame, digital photos inkjet printed on cardstock, graphite
18 x 24"
Two Leaves and Two Windows
Window envelopes, envelope, cardboard, scanned image of leaf inkjet printed on paper, canvas, paper chewed by Mr. Pinkerton
14 x 18 x 1”
Leaf (well past autumn) in Window
Found leaf, window envelope, picture frame, paper, aerosol, graphite, charcoal
14 x 11 x 5/8”
Floating Door with Cloud View
Aerosol, window envelope, fragments of envelopes, marker, fabrics
24 x 18"
Study of an Envelope #2
D’s envelope, acrylic, graphite, paper, scanned and manipulated image inkjet printed on canvas
14 x 18”
Georgia O'Keeffe's Lake George Window / "Farmhouse Window and Door"
Appropriated image, scanned, and inkjet printed; Sue's window envelope, cellophane, aerosol, thumbtacks
24 x 18"
O'Keeffee's NYC Window
Appropriated image, scanned, manipulated, inkjet printed; Sue's Envelope, fabric, pins
Hopper's NYC Window
Appropriated image, scanned, manipulated, inkjet printed; Sue's window envelope, cardboard, plastic, found metal, paper
18 x 14 x 3/4"