Ruth A. Keitz, Mixed Media Artist

My consistent use of found materials from the common everyday world of the man-made and the natural permeates and defines all my work. My mixed media collages and constructions reflect my interest in the physicality of objects, their “thing-ness": textures, shapes, colors. In the tradition of Picasso’s collages and Duchamp’s found objects, the stuff of my art is likely to be ropa usada or other man-made discards or the discards of nature.

I enjoy the uncommon and unexpected beauty found in materials that are used for packaging--and usually thrown away after a single use. These materials may be in their pristine manufactured state or aged by the elements of nature or transformed by my hand.

Floating Door with Cloud View

Aerosol, marker, window envelope, fragments of envelopes, fabrics.

24 x 18”