Ruth A. Keitz, Mixed Media Artist

My consistent use of found materials from the common everyday world of the man-made and the natural permeates and defines all my work. My mixed media collages and constructions reflect my interest in the physicality of objects, their “thing-ness": textures, shapes, colors. In the tradition of Picasso’s collages and Duchamp’s found objects, the stuff of my art is likely to be ropa usada or other man-made discards or the discards of nature.

I enjoy the uncommon and unexpected beauty found in materials that are used for packaging--and usually thrown away after a single use. These materials may be in their pristine manufactured state or aged by the elements of nature or transformed by my hand.

Brownie: My Sister’s Childhood Dog (Fourteen Views)

Mixed Media: scanned photo images printed on various
papers and canvas, pencil, picture frame,
Don’s salvaged wood, pushpins on foam core.

25 ¼ x 32 ½”