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Harlingen Art Forum, 115 East Jackson, Harlingen, TX

Harlingen Art Forum, 115 East Jackson, Harlingen, TX
Night Skies Triptych #1
Mixed Media: fabric, cheesecloth, spray paint, map pins, dressmaker pins, ping pong balls on canvas panels
10 x 24 x 1 3/8” unframed

The “Night Skies Series” explores images of the darkened sky__as seen by the naked eye and as revealed by the unconscious mind at night in dreams: sometimes the sweetly poetic and sometimes the omnia noctis (omens of the night).

First, the sky dense and black hides the moon with clouds. Then, the emerging moon appears, shattering and tearing the blackness. The clouds part, revealing the moon’s glow, which whitens the sky as it illuminates and caresses the night clouds. I explore the sensuous texture of the sky, the palpable quality of the blackness, the moon’s comforting blanket of light, and stars as small white orbs--pinpoints of light.